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Hi lobste.rs!

Long time lurker, posting first time here.
For ~10 months I’ve been recording videos explaining how to build things with javascript.
All free, no ads, permissive licenses. Includes livestreams of me coding if you want to see whole process.
The link leads to the first course that covers creation simple client-server CRUD app.
Currently working on a second course that walks viewers through creation of Electron.js apps (link in repo of the first course).

If you’ve just learned javascript and don’t know what to do - this might help you.
I am also happy to help and answer any questions you might have w.r.t. js.


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    Thanks for submitting your course here…you should probably use the education and show tags.

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      I have used “education”. Sadly, it seems that i can no longer edit the post to add “show” to it :|

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        Maybe @jcs or @Irene can help?

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          looks like it has been changed. thanks!