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    I don’t even know how to go offline. I turned on airplane mode, but nothing happened. Do I actually need to be on an airplane?

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      Apparently this uses https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/NavigatorOnLine/onLine

      Browsers implement this property differently.

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        If you bring up the JavaScript console, it will prompt you through faking it.

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          Sigh. I remember when web pages were just web pages and not interactive text adventures. Something else that works great in offline mode: plain HTML. How amazing is that?

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            Aren’t you the dude with the web site that requires people to register a different Certificate Authority?

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              How you get the HTML is your problem, but once you have it, it just works. Even works in lynx. Right click, save link, read it later. Have you tried doing that with this page? If I actually do decide to go offline, and transfer the file via sneakernet, how well will that work?

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                Your perception of what is and what isn’t the user’s fault is “interesting”.

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                  I don’t see “fault” used. Are you referring to @tedu placing the burden on authenticating his blog on the user? I actually don’t understand what this tangent has to do with this offline thing anyways. Does @tedu’s certificate setup somehow mean that web pages were once not plain HTML that worked offline?

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                I don’t suppose tedu dictates the chosen security model of your browser. I can tell my browser to stop whining and just show the friggin page.

                No, you do not need to trust the cert or the ca to download and decrypt the page.

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                What strikes me most with your statement, is how this sounds a lot like “it was better before”. Obviously plain HTML works great in offline mode, but it doesn’t help in any way to make the point the author is making.

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                  this page’s entire raison d’etre is to be an interactive text adventure, so it seems a bit point-missing to complain that it’s not a web page just because it happens to run in a browser.

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                    The author wonders why we’re online all the time. Well, how else am I to complete interactive adventures telling me to go offline? It seems more people than not resorted to using the browser console to read the page (after going online to find help), so I’m not sure how much they learned about the experience of being offline either. I learned (again) that nothing works and the only way to survive to is ask for help online.

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                return your tray table to an upright position

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                  Tests showed airplane mode works best on a B-2.

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                  I can already hear the groans: “But I have to be online for my job.” I don’t care.

                  I don’t. I use dash for offline docs. And even when I’m online, since it’s much faster to search the docs locally than over the internet.

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                    StackOverflow can also be browsed offline: https://archive.org/details/stackexchange

                    Wikipedia database dump: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download (best viewed in WikiTaxi)

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                      How is search when using SO offline? Most of the time when I use SO, it’s because I’m getting to it from a query on a search engine like DDG or Google.

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                        It’s just a long XML file so you can use grep or something similar. Of course it’d better to import it to free text database and search it like that.

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                    now build OAAS (offline as a service) please

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                      was not trolling, i’m fine with some sort of standalone js to include.

                      nevermind just found: https://github.com/chrisbolin/react-detect-offline

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                      If you’re feeling cheeky, you can use Chrome’s dev tools to fake being offline in the Network tab (unsure of a Firefox equivalent).

                      But I recommend truly going offline for the full effect.

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                        Firefox has a Work Offline menu item on the File menu that works for this page. (works on FF 57.0a1, anyway.)

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                        View->Developer->Javascript Console

                        But how does it work?
                        Check out https://github.com/chrisbolin/react-detect-offline (if you're online!)
                        Spoiler: window.addEventListener with 'online' and 'offline', plus navigator.onLine
                        If it isn't working for you, maybe your browser isn't supported - http://caniuse.com/#feat=online-status.
                        If that's the case, run window.help() for the spoiler.
                        Content is cached for offline use.
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                          I do not have Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, I have a (forsaken) LinkedIn. I contact Friends, family through mail and SMS, and I need to chat with coworkers for getting help when I’m stuck and follow what they are doing (I’m a student in an internship).

                          There is no “Internet” to me. It’s a bunch of computers plugged to each other. Some seems to provide services such as social networking through complex javascript code displaying complex interfaces in web browsers… These are people running services remotely accessible, not a “virtual place” to me.

                          Offline documentation is good. That would be great to be able to download python doc, man pages (already have those :), tldp…), offline. I’ll do it, thanks for the tip. :) [EDIT]: peter uses dash for this: https://kapeli.com/dash

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                            So the page runs a heuristics piece of code to decide whether to display content. This sounds more like an interactive fiction puzzle. If simplicity and disconnectedness is the goal here, why not just serve the content as simple as possible. Would be faster as well if I really where almost offline (connection-wise).

                            Plain Text / HTML is still the best thing for working offline, no code, no dynamic loading and no third party components.

                            Should be easy right?

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                              Am on my phone (the way most people browse internet nowadays, I heard), and turning airplaine mode didn’t change anything. Reloading brings me to the usual “check your device’s data or Wi-Fi connection” message. I don’t have any js console here either. I decided to view it from my main computer but… no airplane mode here, so I turned the interface down. Does this qualify as “airplane mode off” ?

                              Because I still have no clue what this page is all about!

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                                didn’t work for me for a variety of different definitions of ‘offline’ in Debian.