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    Any chance it will support the language server protocol?

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      A small nitpick about the site: Please link, prominently, to the repository.

      I had to literally use a web search engine just so that I could see the code.

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        In case someone missed it, the GitHub repo isn’t being maintained anymore. Just in case someone made the same mistake as I did.

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          What do you mean by “isn’t being maintained anymore”? There is a lot of activity, the most recent from earlier this week: https://gitlab.com/craigbarnes/dte/-/commits/master/

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            github vs gitlab.

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        Tried it out, by opening some source code of mine.

        What stood out immediately were huge blank areas. It turns out, when using a black terminal background (the default in many terminal emulators, including Linux fbcon and *bsd wscons), the comments are invisible because they are rendered black.

        First impressions are excellent otherwise, but this is a deal breaker.

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          It’s a little bizarre, then, that the screenshot on the home page has a black background.

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            Done a few further experiments. This is with dte-1.9.1-2 from Arch’s AUR:

            Problem under:

            • xterm -fg orange -bg black with and without tmux in the middle
            • linux framebuffer console

            Works fine:

            • konsole

            I have to assume it doesn’t affect the author, but these use cases where it’s broken are important.

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          When I think about what a programmer’s editor needs, from first principles (trying to keep out preconceptions as a Vim user), this feature list feels quite complete. The only thing I can imagine missing is the ability to record and rerun keyboard macros. Does dte provide those?

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            Not a problem in trunk

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              Nice. Just built it. Builds super easy. I also love this:

              Some pre-built, portable binaries are available for Linux. They’re statically-linked with musl libc and require nothing of the host system except a somewhat recent kernel.

              (Bottom of https://craigbarnes.gitlab.io/dte/releases.html)

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                Geek’s joke:

                If micro editor is micro,
                then dte editor is nano.
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                  Isn’t the nano editor nano?

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                    I just tried to open a .scm file, and <M-x>show option<CR> shows that it recognizes the filetype to be scheme. However, there’s no colorization. I think it’s because there’s no scheme file at https://gitlab.com/craigbarnes/dte/-/tree/master/config/syntax. Anybody interested in collaborating to contribute one? Here’s what I have so far (based on reading https://gitlab.com/craigbarnes/dte/-/blob/master/docs/dte-syntax.md and cribbing from https://gitlab.com/craigbarnes/dte/-/blob/master/config/syntax/python):

                    syntax scheme
                    state start code
                      char ; comment
                      eat this
                    state comment
                      char "\n" start
                      eat this

                    Unfortunately it’s not yet having any effect. It’s not that I need to recompile the project. I wonder if I need to register the new file somewhere.

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                I couldn’t find any mention of autoindent, or a mechanism by which it could be added. that’s a strong requirement for me.

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                  Good point, but FYI I’m trying it out and autoindent does exist.