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    Slightly off topic, I noticed recently that HeidiSQL (a semi-prominent SQL GUI) is written in Delphi (but ironically their code base says it’s too old to be compiled by FreePascal).

    Are there any other big open source apps written in Delphi or Pascal? My impression is that Delphi/Pascal are most common in proprietary apps so I was just curious if there were other common apps like HeidiSQL you may know of that are open source.

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      There is PyScripter which is a Python IDE.

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        Neat! Thanks! Interesting that it also does not use FreePascal, uses Delphi Community to build.

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      FreePascal, thanks to Lazarus, is one of rare full-featured compiled languages that has native-desktop GUI framework RAD (rapid application development) as its first-class citizen. In my limited understanding this is not true, for Zig, Rust, D, Nim, Go.

      I know I am using ‘first-class citizen’, somewhat loosely, and ‘selectively’. In strictest terms, this would mean that Lazarus GUI libraries can be used on the same platform/CPU combinations that FreePascal can. And it is, likely, not the case. (And also Lazarus relies on Qt/Gtk which are C++/C).