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    I watched this live and thought it was pretty cool. I don’t think it’ll replace paredit for me anytime soon, but I’m always happy to see folks experimenting with structured editing.

    The repo is here and you can find the installation instructions here if you want to play around with it.

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      Andrew presented it at our local Clojure meetup a little while back, and we had some discussion around it. The one thing that makes it very appealing is that it’s designed to behave very closely to a regular to a regular text based editor. Everything is keyboard driven, and you can just type as you go. It’s the first visual editor that I can see myself using as it doesn’t really compromise the efficiency.

      I think the big value add on top of something like paredit is that it can be much more semantically aware. For example, in the demo the editor knows that if form accepts 3 arguments. Another useful aspect is that you can do structural transformations like if -> cond automatically. I really like the idea of working with code on a semantic level as opposed to just manipulating text.