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    Sonder Keyboard hardware sonderdesign.com

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    Speaking for myself, I don’t feel this sort of content adds anything to the Lobste.rs community. A discussion about hardware? Sure. But simply linking to Amazon product pages and the like is spam.

    What does Lobste.rs think - agree? disagree? Am I alone in this thinking?

    PS: Not that this isn’t neat looking. It reminds me of the Optimus family of keyboards a few years back, but boy were those expensive and not very comfortable.

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      That’s a fair criticism. I thought this one was kind of iffy - it’s a novel thing that’s nice to look at (I hadn’t seen the Optimus keyboards before) but not… well, I don’t know how to say it without sounding 19th century, but: it’s not enlightening or ennobling. Reading it is consumptive, not productive.

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        Yeah, I hear that. I think, like a lot of things, it fits better on Lobste.rs if you write a paragraph explaining that you think it’s cool and a thing people might enjoy looking at. Being open about the consumptive nature of it. :)

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        A link to the Optimus keyboard family.