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    Signal Fork

    Let’s see how long signal leaves them alone before sending a cease and desist for using their infrastructure and part of their brand. Not even FOSS compiled versions of the original signal client are allowed to do so.

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      this doesn’t happen. people just say this because of that one github issue. there are several 3rd party signal clients that have been around for years now.

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        I’m not so sure about that. This is a public company selling devices with said copyright/brand/tos infringement, which deludes people into thinking they’re using a safer or official signal client.

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      seem to have integrated ACRA, a crash reporting framework

      Note that acra supports OPT-IN dialogs for sending crash reports or just asking the user to send a mail with the crashlog as attachment. It is actually the only (OSS) crash reporter framework I know of, that can be used on f-droid without any anti-feature flagging (proprietary protocols / libs / tracking).

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        I did some experimentation with Android, and I found out that even if you don’t install a custom ROM you can still increase the level of privacy.

        The best way to get more privacy is to quit the social networks who feed on your data.

        My rules of making my phone more secure and private:

        • Never use a closed source browser;
        • Never use a browser controlled by an organisation who profits from your data;
        • Use add blockers, and a VPN.
        • Use Tor Browser or Orbot, or a browser with good protection against trackers.
        • Clear everything everytime you close the browser;
        • Don’t use apps if you can use the website. Just add it to home as a shortcut. Some sites will behave exactly as an app.
        • Don’t install apps from the Playstore if you can find alternatives on Fdroid;
        • Avoid saving stuff on ☁️;
        • Logoff from waze, never use Maps;
        • Install PCAPdroid to check what apps are calling home when they shouldn’t;
        • Don’t use Google if you are logged in the browser with a Gmail account. In any case prefer other search engines. Use more than one search engine if possible: peekier, duckduckgo, ecosia, mojeek, brave, marginalia, etc. The results are not that bad, sometimes are better because you don’t have all the commercial junk pushed first.
        • Instead of Reddit, use teddit;
        • Use an invidious instance instead of directly using the YouTube app;
        • Install deedum and look on the Gemini content, it will remind you of the old internet if you are nostalgic about it;
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          Install deedum and look on the Gemini content, it will remind you of the old internet if you are nostalgic about it;

          What effect does this have on security or privacy?

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            Looking at my comment now, I must admit that the last point doesn’t make a lot of sense in that context. So it has 0 effects for security and privacy.

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            Don’t use apps if you can use the website.

            I find the exact opposite to be better both from a privacy focus and a reliability focus. Typically there is not as much ad junk in apps, there are far less beacons, and many apps (at least the ones I use) allow you to cache stuff locally so your activity is harder to track (because no network activity). Just my 2¢.

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              From my perspective, the jury is out on this one. Websites tend to be well-inspected and there’s plugins that analyse which trackers are used. Common trackers are very known and you can do the inspection yourself even with simple methods. Apps - not so much.

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                I was in the same boat until I realized that some apps are making constant requests home, even if I don’t use them.

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              Anyone looking for a secure+private android phone should definitely look to running GrapheneOS on a newer Google Pixel model.

              The stuff the GrapheneOS team work on is very important in this day and age if you ask me. Check out the list of GrapheneOS features too.

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                  I get where you’re coming from, but could we please leave the politics out of this? :|

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                    Politics are definitely off topic.