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    this…. is really good… add this to a list of favorites of these types of apps along with baserow and nocodb, but this one is immediately better because it’s go and a single executable, which is every ops guys’ dream

    the extensibility through libraries is even cooler….

    add in sqlite and it’s almost perfect, i say almost but i can’t quite come up with a reason it isn’t, besides it wasn’t what i had envisioned when thinking about building something similar, will be downloading it ASAP and giving it a whirl for personal tracking type items

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      Yes it reminds me of a more stripped-down version of AppWrite which also seems cool.

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        thanks for sharing, didn’t know about this!

        made me think to also dig up this one that i’ve been watching: https://avohq.io/

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        I’m not sure I completely grok this thing, but it’s striking me as similar to the venerable CouchDB, but with a relational instead of document (JSON) database. It’s interesting that it exposes a stripped-down query API (judging by the JS snippets on the home page) instead of SQL.

        I assume it serves static HTML pages and you do all the logic in front-end code?

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          Think of it as a lightweight firebase.

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            I’ve never used Firebase, but its interesting-to-me feature is client-side replication for offline-first apps. PocketBase has that too?

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              What does firebase do?

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                I’ll take the bait, even though the answer is one Google search away:

                Firebase is an app development platform that helps you build and grow apps and games users love

                • Accelerate and scale app development without managing infrastructure
                • Release with confidence and monitor performance and stability
                • Boost engagement with rich analytics, A/B testing, and messaging campaigns
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                  You’re right: it was bait. I responded that way because not everyone is from a web background and TBH even after looking at the Firebase homepage I still wasn’t 100% sure what it was.

                  Thanks for being a good sport. :]