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    Looks great and I’m so tempted to subscribe!

    However, I need less “new” things to ponder and distract me. My reading backlog already likely represents 4 months full time reading.

    I’m not sure that succumbing to the feeling of “I might miss out on sonething important” is really beneficial or healthy for me.

    I’m perhaps one of the few that want to learn less new things, but it looks like a fantastic resource for those that do. Best wishes for its success.

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      You already posted this.

      Marketing spam on Lobsters seems to me as something that dilutes the value of the site beyond what the orange site or other places has.

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        To be fair, last time I posted this was over a year ago and I also tagged it as “show”. I wouldn’t really call that “spamming”. But, I will respect the community if I’m asked to delete this or is automatically deleted.

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        https coming?

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          I’m not really sure why HTTPS isn’t working. I have other domains from the same registrar and for some reason this one doesn’t support HTTPS. I’m pretty sure I have messed up some DNS settings.

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            Site was redirected automatically to https for me.

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            Is this available as a RSS feed?

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                That link doesn’t work for me.

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                or an activitypub account?

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                  No ActivePub, but there is a Telegram channel: https://t.me/morningcupofcoding