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      This is really good news. I will admit I’m a bit disappointed that it’s currently at best about as fast as the original. I’m glad to hear they have a plan to help address this though. The future does look bright.

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        currently at best about as fast as the original

        Based on the note about the relative performance of indirect function calls and continuations, I think the impact for Real™ applications is probably understated. Anything that makes heavy use of exceptions and threads (both implemented using continuations), should be faster than in Racket BC.

        To test this, I ran some local perf. tests to measure the difference in throughput of the web-server-lib between CS and BC and I saw a significant increase in throughput under CS. If I find some time next week, I might clean up and publish the results.

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      Does Chez compile to native code like Chicken? Would it be possible to produce statically linked binaries with musl or similar for the C runtime?

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        Yes to the first question. I think the second should be possible, but I’m not sure what the level of effort required is.