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      A most refreshing version control comparison article: it spends hardly any time on why the author switched, nor on comparing interfaces. And even among the switching reasons there’s a new one – Ctrl-F for ‘content-addressable’ if you want to get to that bit.

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        I wish I could write blog posts of that quality. Seriously well written without the usual version-control system cliche writing.

        Strange side-effect: It makes me want to explore that git adapter for mercurial :)

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      Great read! If you only read one thing today, choose this article!

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        You’re too late; I already read this comment.

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      The bit at the tail end about versioning content instead of files & extending that kind of versioning to non-developers is, IMO, the most important bit. (This exact concern is the reason Xanadu has transclusion & permanent addressing: in the normal case, a piece of media is one of a procession of potentially-forking versions – an arrangement of pieces snipped out of various first drafts and reels of raw footage – and rather than having a diff against the previous diff, it makes more sense to articulate this in terms of the pieces that have been included & their arrangement, and then to the extent that the sources you use need to be versioned, you probably want a system like OSMIC that’s constructed in terms of a log of modification operations rather than something like a diff-based system where the set of modifications are guessed at commit time.)