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There is currently no ‘emacs’ tag. Perhaps one should be added or maybe the ‘vim’ tag could be repurposed as an ‘editors’ tag. Thoughts?


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    A more generic tag, editors, is better than one for vim, one for emacs, one for textmate, and one for the next cool editor.

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      I don’t want to see stories about emacs, so with just an editors tag, I won’t be able to filter them out.

      I think an emacs tag will be ok since vi(m) and emacs are pretty much the two big editors. Any stories about other editors can just carry a software tag.

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        Yeah, good point. Atleast they are the two editors people “fight” over :)

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          More to the point, the two editors where there are (seemingly) endless amounts you can learn about them, but which also have enough users that there are always new posts being written about these things you can learn.

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        Yeah, I don’t know if the universe could handle both a vim and an emacs tag. I like the idea.

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        Someone earlier floated the idea of a software.* tag, this could be another good use case for *. There could be editors.vim, editors.emacs, editors.textmate, editors.st2, and then editors.other until the “next cool editor” reaches critical mass.

        I think that this is reasonable despite increasing the total number of tags, because in this schema, you only increase the “tags” list by one, since there would be another list after selecting editors.*. I think that filtering out by specific text editor is reasonable. If I have had to stop using emacs because of RSI, I might never want to see editors.emacs tagged posts that aren’t also tagged editors.vim.

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          I’ve added the emacs tag.

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            Thanks @jcs.