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    Uhhhh… Wow. I didn’t know people cried that much.

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      I can only speak for myself when I say this, but: oestrogen’s a hell of a drug.

      (having experienced life for significant periods of time both without it in my body, and with, the different is starker than I’d’ve thought possible.)

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        Yes, definitely. :)

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          What can cause oestrogen not to be in one’s body, pray tell?

          (I’m a male who doesn’t know much about biology.)

          EDIT: I hope it’s not too personal; if it is, do feel free to ignore the question.

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            There are lots of different ways that can happen — menopause usually corresponds with a great decrease in oestrogen levels. Likewise, women with insufficient body fat may not produce enough sex hormones. In my case, I’m trans, so my body never did produce oestrogen on its own.

            Crying turned from a “few times a year” thing to a “few times a day” thing after starting oestrogen.

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              Interesting, thank you!

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                No worries, thanks for the sincere question! :)

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        dat vis