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    A 48mb pdf. Wow.

    Of course, being PoC || GTFO …… It’s never “just a pdf”


    Technical Note: This file, pocorgtfo16.pdf, is a polyglot that is valid as a PDF document, a ZIP archive, and a Bash script that runs a Python webserver which hosts Kaitai Struct’s WebIDE which, allowing you to view the file’s own annotated bytes. Ain’t that nifty?

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      I need to go back and fire up one of the NES ROM’s

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      I really enjoy reading PoC || GTFO. It takes me back to Fravia’s Fortress, BBS text files, old 2600 and Phrack – telling technical stories with some flair and style.

      I have the PoC || GTFO “bible”, the leather-bound tome with some of their best work so far and it’s really fun to see all the old advertisements and diagrams in print. Highly recommended if you’re at a security conference and can score one in person.

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        I hope they continue to publish the “bible” versions every year or two. I love having it around and discovered some articles I missed on the first pass through.

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          Have you found any of the easter eggs in the ‘bible’ ? Some of those periods aren’t.

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          Really enjoyed the bit about trying to bodge a Cavalier’s PCM into ignoring the anti-theft logic. It told a good story, and covered every level of experience. I learned some stuff, which is what PoC || GTFO is all about (often, what you learn is cosmic horror).

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            Cosmic horror is edifying.

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            *slow clap*

            At this rate, their polyglot PDFs will also be multi-arch bootable disk images in no time.

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              All systems evolve until they can send email…

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              Page 58 FTW. That just blew my mind.

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                How have I never seen these before…