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    Here is the author’s presentation, HolyJit: Fire the Ion Cannon!. Notably, the author names PyPy and Truffle as similar projects in page 16.

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      I wonder how this relates (relates, not compares) to Truffle. I’m still beginning in compiler development, but this seeing infrastructure for compilers on top of Rust makes me happy

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        I’m not sure there, but there’s definitely someone relating it to pypy: https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/77ljya/holyjit_a_new_hope_a_jit_for_firefoxs_and_servos/domskb3/

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          The name is a reference to Graal, said the author. They referred to both PyPy/RPython and Truffle/Graal as similar projects in their presentation on HolyJit.

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          Holy jit, that looks awesome!!