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    Hey, @adam_d_ruppe, what about gdc getting merged into gcc? I thought that was a pretty exciting development of 2018! Is gdc not exciting for anyone else?

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      It being official in gcc is something I find kinda cool, but I update my gcc like VERY rarely… so I forgot about it while writing this! (I am on gcc version 4.9.3 on my computer. I think gdc is in version 8…)

      But yeah, I should have mentioned it, I just plain forgot last week.

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      As a new convert to D, I’m really excited to read articles like this. I really like D so far and to see that it still has momentum is really encouraging.

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        I’ve read quite a bit about D, and it seems like a really nice well-rounded language, which I’d quite like to use, but somehow I haven’t quite found the right project to try it out on…

        • Personal project where I want to try out an exciting new language or paradigm => Rust is more exciting as a new language.
        • Personal project where I just want to get stuff working => I use a language I know, probably C++ or Haskell depending what it needs to run on.
        • Work => Technically, D should be a good replacement for C++ (I believe you can even integrate C++ code with D, allowing a gradual migration), but replacing a well established programming language in industry is a glacially slow process.
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          One of my favorite parts about D is a lot of your existing knowledge will probably carry over. You can probably be somewhat productive in it in a matter of hours, and then pick up the other advantages over some more time one piece at a time. So I’d say it lands somewhere between your bullets one and two.