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    This looks very nice and teasing!

    What occurred to me, though:

    Date: April 30, 2015 Next Planned Update:
    Summer 2015

    Is this project still active?

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      1k$ for 9 raspberrypis, some cabling and plastic cases? Seems rather expensive to me… If I really wanted to try some cheap parallel computing, I’d buy Raspberry zero w (wifi versions) and connect them to my home box or some dedicated AP. This would be cheaper in switching, cabling, space (these are tinier) and cheaper (with less Ghz/board obviously, but if this is for parallel computing trials, you prefer to have more boards than more powerful ones).

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        Doing the sum on the inventory list doesn’t bring me close to 1000 Euros. They probably haven’t listed the screen they use. Also, it communicates via the coloring it uses.

        Please note that this is intended for teaching institutions, where 1k is not that much money.

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        While both are probably few years out of date, here’s a post about building a 20-core (40 thread) server with 64 GB of RAM, with roughly the same budget. Building with nine Raspberry Pis doesn’t seem that efficient, unless your goal is also to “make[] parallel concepts explicit”.

        (I haven’t done this yet, but it’s tempting, especially as I’m working on multi-core support for theft…)