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      I’m actually surprised that a mostly static website requires 18 Pi 4s.

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        We’ve set up 14 Pi 4s for PHP processing

        Not really static, if the Pi’s are running the forum, blog, etc.

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          I think that it mentioned that the most intensive thing is the blog (which can be fairly static, even more so as raspberry pi’s blog doesn’t have a reply feature) I don’t see a mention of forum on the post, even.

          We used the main blog, which hosts the www.raspberrypi.org blog, and has historically been the most CPU-intensive site to provide.

          edit: nvm, I see that they do have comments on the blog. It makes more sense now. Still makes me wonder how much the software could be optimized though.

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        The site is currently running on Pi 3’s the Pi 4’s currently don’t netboot which is a hard requirement for Mythic-Beasts.

        Hopefully that will be resolved shortly and then the site will be hosted off the Pi 4.

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          This tweet (2 days later than the article) contradicts you: https://mobile.twitter.com/Mythic_Beasts/status/1143045366675312641

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            true - they’ve obviously solved the netboot issue :~)

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      Tangentially related, but I’ve been using a reverse tunnel – cloudflare argo tunnel – to run a bunch of apps/sites on my Pi3 and with proper caching in place, it’s a pretty decent setup performance wise.