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      it drives me crazy too. I tried asking for the audio captcha a few times, but apparently that’s spammer behaviour, so Google will blocks you for it. I hope someone sues for making so much of the web inaccessible.

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      I agree with the sentiment. I have never used reCAPTCHA on our site, but rather developed an easily solvable old-fashioned CAPTCHA from scratch that has several additional safeguards built in, including logging the failed attempts to see how close the bots are to breaking it. My theory is that since my solution is one-off, it isn’t worth anyone’s time to reverse engineer all of the triggers that cause the form submission to be rejected. I recently made some adjustments to keep some registration bots out of the site, but otherwise it has been running without being broken since 2009. Just in case, I have a running list of additional tricks I can add in case I ever need them.