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    Surprising results. I can’t wait until I can get an actual ARM (or any non-x86) board to use as a server.

    Sidenote: The Talos PPC workstations look enticing but they’re a bit too expensive for me. Maybe POWER10 will be cheaper + more efficient than POWER9

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      You can get plenty of them, they’re just generally not this powerful.

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      While ARM-based instance is 25 percent cheaper, it is able to show a 15-20% performance gain in most of the tests over the corresponding x86 based instances.

      It seems that AMD and Intel could have (already have?) serious problems.

      With reduced price of CPU components, it’s easier to add more cache, move CISC->RISC and look how world is burning :) I hope the world will slowly transition towards more RISC-based architecture.

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        I wonder how AMD stacks up against ARM though. They’ve pulled ahead of Intel with Zen2 and Zen3, managing to shrink their lithography where Intel has failed. Cloudflare has some great blog posts about benchmarking and switching to AMD.