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    I somehow tricked myself into writing my own Go HTTP router the other day. It ignores trailing slashes and if you want a particular behavior (redirecting to or from the slash), you have to use a middleware to add it. I think it is pretty okay. I used for an actual project this week, and didn’t run into any showstoppers yet.

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      That’s just how some of these kinds of problems are. The dumbest problems always take the longest to figure out because they are the ones that tools can’t really warn you about. I once spent 15 hours of straight effort trying to fix something to find out that ON is a yaml value for “true” and that what I was trying to do needed to be “ON” instead. This is our lot in life as software people. You are going to make these kinds of mistakes and it is going to make you feel like an absolute buffoon every time. That is just how it happens. Let’s go play Fortnite and forget about all this for now.

      This was extremely reassuring, for someone who spent the first week at her new job dealing with devops annoyances and weird McEscher-esque bugs in random things

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        I hate to say it like this, but welcome to devops tooling. The rules are made up and nobody knows what’s really going on either. If there is a god, they exist partially to guide people to enlightenment and partially to mess with programmers in an attempt to lead them to enlightenment.