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      then looks nice!

      I once got a bee in my bonnet about pipelines only working with the first argument. I wanted to use _ as a way to signal where the pipeline argument should go kind of like scheme. I got as far as a first pass implementation before I read the contributor guidelines. Turns out people had been suggesting changes for years, including the one that I implemented. I was so invested I almost tried posting it, but decided that nobody would like that very much.

      Ultimately, I’m glad that they found something that fits with their vision and doesn’t impose any overhead.

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        Well, José suggested something like that and I have created library that provides such functionality. I have created poll and discussion what operator should be used and I landed on .... I doubt that it will be merged into core now, as there is then/2 which basically provides the same functionality as a function.

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          For what it’s worth I do prefer something like _ or ..., but then feels close enough for my taste.

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            The problem with _ is that it is commonly used as a “discard” placeholder, which mean, that it can be confusing (and can break some macros). ... is much less commonly used, so it is hard to break something in the process.

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              I liked _ because it had that extra context. To me it meant “and place something here”. Obviously, it was a bit controversial because different people have different opinions about it.

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      Those IEx QoL changes are the highlight of my week