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      This seems to be a dupe of


      But just for whatever it’s worth, as I commented there, here are my initial impressions:


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        Fedora is a mature distro now – next year, it will be old enough to drink alcohol in Red Hat’s homeland

        This caused me physical pain, because I specifically remember switching my desktop machines at work and home from RedHat 9 to Fedora Core 1, not all that long ago.

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          I do know what you mean. I reviewed RHL9, as I had done RHL7 and RHL8. I really liked the Bluecurve unified theme across KDE and GNOME, and IMHO, KDE has never looked better, before or since.

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        Aw cool, I didn’t know we had folks from El Reg here on Lobsters!

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          :-) Well, there’s me, anyway…