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    So how mature is it?

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      It has been around for a couple of years now. There have been a few pain points with it for me over the time I have experimented with it (e.g., having some odd interactions with importing macros from C headers/libraries). However, it seems pretty stable generally (note: I have not yet used it for anything non-trivial, so take that with a heavy grain of salt).

      My one real annoyance with the project so far is that it has not been terribly quick to keep up-to-date with the latest version of LLVM. So, for example, it is not currently compatible with llvm 3.7.

      I am still rooting for the language though because it has a lot of power that many languages lack; e.g., having lua as the meta-programming language is an incredibly powerful choice. It means that you can get code-generation far more simply than Cxx’s templates with essentially all the same power, but without all the horrible syntax. There are a few things, that, were I the language designer, I might have done differently (for example, I would have had {u,s}{int,8,16,32,64,128} as the integral types instead of using {u,}int{,8,16,32,64}), but most of them are about lingual consistency and cosmetic appeal, not functionality.

      I would be really interested to see someone try to work with something like Löve2D in Terra to see how well it interacts since that would be the point at which it would become a practical system for creating fully-fledged terra-based applications for cross-platform usage.

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        I’ll try it with Love tonight, that would be really sweet if it worked :)