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    I highly recommend both Jan Schaumann’s Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment and System Administration online courses. He’s got some great youtube lectures for both classes.

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      Scimming quickly through this it seems to me that it must be quite an ild article, because of the RAM of workstations that is in the range of 256MB to 1GB. However i didn’t see the date of publication.

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        Yeah, was thinking the same. I can see the pkgsrc documentation was accessed in October 2004 so I guess the document must be from around that timeframe?

        Update: Ah, found this related presentation by Jan Schaumann and it’s from EuroBSDCon 2004.

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          The real question is how well it all holds up two decades later. Is that system even still in use? I wonder.

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            Whoa, a KDE 2.x screenshot! That brings back memories!