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    Finally, more developers wanted to work with MongoDB this year than any other database.

    Yikes. Just say no, kids.

    At this point I’ve turned experience with a startup that chose to build around Mongo into a small career of swooping into startups and helping them recover from the mess they stepped into when they decided to build their product around Mongo.

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      Quite a lot of data to deal with, some thoughts:

      The pay disparity between the US and EU(and UK) for now is very large. If US developers are paying less than 50% of their salaries on health care then they are coming out a head. There is something to be said for statutory leave (vacation days), but the choice to earn 2x (or apparently 4x) what I do is quite enticing.

      Binning 20+ years experience together generates uninteresting plots.

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        If US developers are paying less than 50% of their salaries on health care then they are coming out a head.

        Also, in the US, most have to own a car. Our public transit sucks. And housing near tech areas is super expensive. Still, the difference is stark.

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          You also have to keep in mind that living expenses in Germany, France, and most of the UK (with the exception of London) are much much lower than the Bay Area.

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          It’s hard to take any survey seriously, when “AWS”, “Salesforce”, “WordPress”, “Windows Destkop” and “Serverless” are all somehow related to each other.

          Its even harder to take seriously when they suggest that Javascript is the most popular language for Sysadmins.

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            Bear in mind that in more than a few orgs, developers wear multiple hats. I currently balance sysadmin and development work at my current job. Granted, I’m currently more skilled at development than sysadmin work, but that’s how it all goes.

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            I’m surprised a lot of people suggest “Take online courses”. There are some good courses, but most don’t work as well for me as books and building projects.

            On another note, I wonder if this will increase demand in Go educational resources. I remember Scala topping the salary list a few years ago (or being near the top again) and everyone in my college class was asking for Scala courses (eye roll).

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              Scala continues to be in high demand at places that pay well, based the emails I keep getting from recruiters.