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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    My father is no longer able to care for himself, so I’m driving over to east Texas and my sister and I are cleaning out his condo and trying to figure out a more permanent living situation for him. Good times.

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      Sorry to hear. Caretaking is tough work. Hope you find something that gives you all peace of mind.

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        Thank you, I appreciate it.

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      got my hands on a laser projector (lasercube) - going to poke at the protocol and see if I can wire up a vectrex emulator or MAME to it and play asteroids ..

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        Playing around with writing sqlite extensions in zig

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          I’ve been working on my Zig Lua bindings package again this week. It has nearly 100% api and test coverage, but the docs aren’t completed. Only about 50% of the public functions have accurate comments. That’s because wrote the Lua 5.4 bindings first, then copied them for the other versions of Lua I support. So I’ll probably keep working on docs!

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            surprised no one mentioned langjam! can’t participate this round, but looking forward to seeing what other people come up with

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              I’ll see if I can dedicate some time to write/port a few more mutants/viruses to the golang mutation testing library https://github.com/gtramontina/ooze I’ve been working on for a few months.

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                Finishing the week with a remote game/quiz thing with work which should be fun. Organised by an external company for once, so even our social folks get to join in rather than run it!

                Heading across to friend’s boat, I think the main task this weekend is fixing a leaky tap where the pipe has entirely split. Naturally it’s in a really tight cupboard you can’t easily access the pipework in. Stretch goal is dropping the anchor and 100m of chain off the bow. (The yacht is on the hard in the boatyard currently, so no getting wet.) Must remember to pack my work gloves, going to be a rusty mess by the time we’re done.

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                  Finally sitting down to learn a bit about signal processing, specifically FFT and filters. First time using Jupyter notebook as well, I kind of like it!

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                    Hopefully try to get out of this depressive state I’ve randomly entered this week. “Fuck it” seems to be the answer to resolving the feeling.

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                      It’s been a rough mood week for me, too, here’s hoping we both feel better soon.

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                        what are you using in the way of learning materials?

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                        Going to check out deno.

                        Installed today. Hope I learn something.

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                          I’m writing a Sublime Text plugin to work with Fossil SCM. Though it’s kind of a lot of effort since the documentation ONLY provides examples and not a lot of info on best practices.

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                            keep working on my new mail server https://github.com/mjl-/mox, probably adding the ability to start as root, bind to the privileged ports, and continue running as regular user. should make it easier to setup on openbsd.

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                              • continuing with interview prep and following up a few job leads
                              • kicking off a small freelancing job, maintaining a decade-old Rails project for a customer
                              • setting up an AWS based FreeBDD development instance to allow Spot developers to get it building on that platform
                              • tinkering with a Common Lisp resume hosting thing that could act as a Fediverse alternative to LinkedIn
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                                tinkering with a Common Lisp resume hosting thing that could act as a Fediverse alternative to LinkedIn

                                And, deciding to re-do in Rails.

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                                On call for work, but it looks to be a quiet weekend. Assuming that’s the case, I’ll be letting the next batch of users into https://rpgportrait.app as well as fixing bugs and adding features.

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                                  In whichever order I find the most energy for:

                                  • Cutting a new release of the Prometheus Ruby client
                                  • Continuing to clear out my apartment of stuff I don’t really use any more
                                  • Making some headway on my QCon talk about debugging below abstractions you normally trust (including a deep dive into Postgres’ binary logs)

                                  I’ll probably play through another chapter or two of Celeste, which I’m really enjoying.

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                                    Earlier today I bought a Black & Decker workmate, a budget hand smoothing plane, and a couple budget f-clamps. I also spent a bit of time figuring out how to work the plane.

                                    I’ve been wanting to get into woodworking for a while, but didn’t have any of the tools—except for screwdrivers and a cheap hand saw. This was the minimum amount of tools I felt I needed to move forward with the project I have in mind.

                                    Last night, inspired by a [recent post] (https://lobste.rs/s/jbjytb/tidying_up_your_home_with_nix) here, I experimented with making my Nix-Darwin setup use home manager and flakes. I got it working, but I haven’t fully decided whether to commit to it or not, as the “experimental” nature of flakes is a bit off-putting.

                                    I do however like the per-user aspect of home-manager, and that it seems easier to find tutorials and blog posts on how to do things with home manager than with Nix-Darwin.

                                    Wife is away Sunday to Tuesday so I booked Monday off to feed and hang out with my 11yo boy. Maybe take him to see one of his (also home educated) friends that live 90 mins drive away.

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                                      I’m extracting and analysing ERC20 transfer logs from Ethereum mainnet.

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                                        Feeling better post-COVID, so kinda regrouping and figuring out what I’m doing. And helping out my partner who is still under the weather.

                                        Also playing with the Helix text editor. It’s pretty nice so far.