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I’m sick of sitting, but I also don’t want to stand at all times. I’m looking for a solid, adjustable desk that can do both. Preferably something that’s more fine-grained than the little metal pegs like crutches have (what is the term for those?). Motorized or hand crank doesn’t matter, but I do want it to be a full desk replacement, not just something that stacks on top of a desk.

A coworker has recommended this desk to me, but I’m looking for more options/opinions.


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      Luckily I have a work-issued laptop, so I won’t need the extra CPU holder. I really didn’t think of the overall up/down messing about with the simple controls, but you’re right. It’d be much easier to just get the programmable version.

      I think I’ll get one. Thanks!

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      It’s not adjustable, but I built my own based on this blog post, and just use a bar stool when I want to sit.

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        Ikea has a hand-crank desk and a motorized version.

        I have a GeekDesk but sort of regret getting the bamboo top. It’s rather soft and easily scratched/dented. The memory positions of the Max would have been nice but I don’t really adjust it that much.

        I like the one you linked to because it offers a curved version.

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          At work and at home (when not at standing at my home made standing desk) I sit on a Physio Gym Ball with feet like this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/NEW-Anti-Burst-Exercise-Ball/dp/B01MA0DBUR and as it’s a gym ball you don’t sit still and you have to support your own back so it’s comfortable and good for you - the feet don’t always prevent it from being a giant office football… :~)

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            That thing is really bizarre looking! I might check that out

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            I have the 60" rectangular Jarvis that your coworker mentioned with the bamboo top. It’s a great choice all around. I’ve had it for about a year so far. I also agree with twelvebravo that the programmable controls are a key feature, so you don’t have to fiddle each time.

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              Coworker just got it, so I’ve been hesitant about it. But it’s good to hear someone with it over a year. I might have to buy one.

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              We have Ikea SKARSTA desks at work http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S29084966/ it’s really basic but works well.