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    I like the idea of a language that offers the flexibility and productivity of modern scripting languages, has static typing and compiles to C without depending on any library. A few questions pop up though:

    • Is the generated code really dependency free?
    • Does it need special compiler or linker flags to work?
    • Is the generated C/C++ code compliant with any specific standard?

    Not so enchanted with the syntax though (structure through indentation, ugh). I wanted to give it a try and have a look at the generated code, but the source zip doesn’t build on my machine.

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      Im quite new to the language myself, so what i will say is no guarantee ;) For what i know is that nimrod source does not need any special build process: the compiler bootstraps itself from a small set of c-sources and then rebuilds using nimrod. After that the compiler takes care of building your nimrod sources and requires no dependencies.

      I dont know about point 3, but you could ask it yourself on their irc channel. Its a really friendly and active community.

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        FWIW, Ocaml fills this niche for me. I love being able to toss a binary to a machine without having to install a bunch of deps (unless linking against a C library).