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    Oona is awesome!

    What’s your decoding software of choice?

    I like to write my de/modulators from scratch. Simple and hassle-free. They work on raw floating-point PCM using Perl’s pack() and unpack() and the built-in trigonometric functions sin(), cos(), or I may write them in C/++ if high throughput is required. I use SoX for sinc filtering, resampling, and file format conversions.

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      Oona open sourced their code at some point: https://github.com/windytan/redsea

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        Thanks for this, they seem pretty insistent in the comments to the blog post above that they shouldn’t need to. Glad they eventually decided otherwise.

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          Unless I’m missing something, it contains the decryption algorithm (which can also be reconstructed from the blog post), but not the actual keys, which are read from a file (service_key_table.csv) that isn’t provided. So I guess it’s up to you to mount the attack yourself.