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this is at least the second “Post your masto profile!” post of its type, and there have been threads around this off of other posts in the past as well.

Please consider just adding a space for a mastodon address to the standard user profile.

As always thank you for running such an incredible community. I value it tremendously.


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    It’s planned as part of the ActivityPub work, yep. Talk to @355e3b about status.

    There’s more discussion here about whether to support Keybase and, generally, how we should decide what to integrate.

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      Thanks that’s the second time you referenced him in a similar context so I sent him a note and invited him to say a few words here on what’s planned.

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        There is a GitHub issue that covers the direction I want to take. Right now, I’m trying to get search fixed. Hopefully once we have that done, I’ll get some more time to work on ActivityPub.

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          Thanks for chiming in!

          I wish I could wrap my head around RoR otherwise I’d help pitch in and do that :)

          (Too much magic for me. I understand Django a lot better.)

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      Maybe we can just do what Mastodon does and give people a place to put 5 (and only 5) links - that way we can link out to our Masto or Keybase, or whatever else.

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        Not a bad idea in general although I feel like the Fediverse is something special and worthy of specific support.

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        It’s not a “mastodon address”; it’s a fediverse profile or activitypub profile.

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          Point well taken, thanks. Too late for me to edit it now or I’d fix it :\

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            Please :)

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              Even better: integrate lobste.rs with ActivityPub

              Related: https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters/issues/499