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    Instead, the FTC will hand-pick the participants at its pleasure, and will retain change control over the APIs.3. Even if the right mix of people gets onto the committee, its role is explicitly ‘advisory’.4 Documentation for those APIs is only supplied to ‘competing businesses or potential competing businesses.’5 There’s no guarantee they’ll be public.

    OK wow I know that’s the point of the article, but this sounds BAAAD. I wonder what the EFF’s stance is on this?

    Ah, here we are.

    They see things differently. They’re pointing out the same exact flaws, but painting the picture less in terms of the sky falling and more in terms of this being an iterative step towards a working solution.

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      The EFF is a US organization so it’s unsurprising that they fall closer into line with US policy makers than people commenting from elsewhere in the world.

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        Respectfully, how well do you know the EFF and their work? They aren’t exactly a mouth organ of the US government or congress :)

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          Fairly well. Over the past 20 years I’ve had probably half a dozen friends work for them. I’ve donated fairly regularly. I have at least one EFF tshirt.

          While they aren’t a government mouthpiece they exist in the same cultural context as other American institutions. A lot of the value and strength of the internet has been it’s existence across and between national and cultural boundaries.

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            I’m an American and as a result I can’t be sure that I have the international perspective that you do, so I’ll take your word for it.