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Release 3.2.3, is here! Please give it a try and report any issues.

NEW features in 3.2.3 you don’t want to miss:

-a new text Explain

-VIEWs are now formatted! (I love this feature!)

-we added a ‘beautify’ button so you can format your SQL scripts

-splash page tells you what the latest PostgreSQL patch is when you’re behind

-===>Fixed a BUG where the cursor didn’t respond to arrow and tab keys <===

-current user is now more obvious (thank you clomdd!)

But the biggest new feature for me is, [CTRL]-[RETURN] now runs the query under the cursor! I love it! Now when you’re working on some query you can run it without your hands leaving the home keys even if there are other queries on the screen. No more select with the mouse and F5 dance!

As always, if you think of a feature Postage needs, please submit an issue to Github. We’ll toss it around and see what we can do. The [CTRL]-[RETURN] shortcut to run the query under the cursor was submitted by billrobertson42, originally on Reddit. Special thanks to billrobertson42!

Cool stuff in 3.2.2 you may have missed:

-Expanded object support in the object tree

-more wordy buttons so it’s easier to find features

-those fancy variable width lines on the graphical explain.

-you can now stop a large result set from being downloaded.

Get the latest release for Postage at Github: https://github.com/workflowproducts/postage/releases