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    It may be a good idea to copy down the encryption passphrase onto paper and put it in a safe space like a safety deposit box.

    Just remember that “safe deposit” boxes are not particularly safe – it turns out banks don’t actually do a great job of securing them, either against loss or intrusion.

    Giving the passphrase in an envelope to a trusted friend (or using a 2-of-3 secret-splitting scheme) may be the better option for some people.

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      Be careful the Joker can’t exploit your threat model for dramatic purposes in the third act.

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      I really like borg, it’s my timemachine. I able to recover system on any point of time. All my backups fits 500GB hdd, first backup dated 2017 year and it’s only a half of hdd, backup runs every 4 hour!

      All archives:               69.15 TB             61.60 TB            211.26 GB
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        Would git’s compression and packing interfere with Borg’s compression and deduplication if you wanted to back up a bunch of bare git repositories?

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          It wouldn’t interfere with it per se, but you can’t further compress data that has already been compressed, so Borg’s compression won’t be able to make the already-compressed data smaller and might make it marginally larger because of the overhead associated with compression headers (although I believe Borg is smart enough to not try to compress data it detects is already compressed). Certainly nothing will break - I’ve used Borg with compression settings on datasets that include already-compressed data (e.g. video files) without any issues other than not reducing the total data size very much.

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            Compression can increase data size with already-compressed data, but not by a very large factor.

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            It might be worth avoiding letting git re-pack too often, although I don’t know if this is accurate. Possibly something you’d like to look into.

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              I have not used Borg Backup for this purpose but used other compression programs as part of other backup systems. It doesn’t interfere, just doesn’t help much, as other comments have asserted. Happy to explain more if you like.

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                Would it make sense to backup git repositories if one uses any of the forges? I’ve stopped backing up any of the .git folders as I’m assuming/hoping the work will survive on the forges even if something happens to my machine (that’s why I’m backing the working tree). Background: we had limited backup space at the company I worked for, and less files meant faster backups.

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                  In my case I am hosting a (personal) git forge, so I do throw the backups in borg as well. I have noticed no issues with doing this. I’m still well below my backup cap though.