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    Google will probably ban your Google account if you use this: That could impact your android phone, email, and anything associated with either.

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      Sucks for Youtube and such, but I think the target audience would avoid Google anyway.

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      Sure this would work, I thought/assumed Google did some sort of metrics to detect fake clicks?

      Before tracking got so crazy and anti user, I always wanted an ad blocker built into the browser that loaded all the images, told the javascript they were loaded, but just didn’t show anything when it came to rendering. So ad servers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. These days that idea is quaint as they track you like a dog, esé. Even without serving the images the javascript still tracks you :(

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        There’s absolutely metrics to detect fake clicks.

        The (potentially) great thing here is that most of them depend on checking whether eg a real google session is clicking the ads.

        The (potentially) not so great thing is that google has a history of banning accounts related to click fraud, so I wouldn’t use this if you need your gmail account or purchased android apps to keep working.

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          This is a nice idea, but you would be playing a very dangerous game to use a personal or business account with this on.