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    This is a reaction to https://lobste.rs/s/dwiwak/let_s_play_os_2200 and might profitably be folded into that submission @pushcx.

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      Only exact duplicate submissions are merged together.

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        Nope, here’s an example of a popular writeup being folded into the original

        https://lobste.rs/moderations?moderator=%28All%29&what%5Bstories%5D=stories, search for timestamp “2022-09-16 16:11 -0500”.

        Edit also see timestamp “2022-09-06 09:53 -0500” on the same page.

        (there should be permalinks for these entries…)

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      This is much more interesting than I expected; not the facts, which are well understood, but the use of mainframes as the lens to talk about what the monoculture has cost.