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    Where’s Motif.css, CDE.css, & 4dwm.css. This is Lobste.rs! ;)

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      I would pay real, American money for “Amiga3.1.css”.

      I’d do it myself but I have negative artistic ability. Like, worse than none.

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        I’d be down for FVWM.css or i3.css

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        Why are all the interactions so slow? I don’t remember XP being like that.

        EDIT: Huh. I tried this on my laptop and it was perfectly snappy. On my phone (Pixel 4) it was dog-slow to check a checkbox or something.

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          I remember back when XP was new, it was a dog. You had to keep reinstalling (and hope the OEM gave you an XP CD!), or otherwise the performance could decay with long-lived installations in a way later Windows never did. Not to mention the derided-at-the-time “fisher price” theme et al.

          Funnily enough, the people who hated XP at the time ended up being its biggest defenders come Vista.

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            Windows XP’s UI wasn’t a DOM in a browser, and it wasn’t composited? With a few exceptions (the text inputs, for example) this is about as responsive as any other web page, at least on my machine.

            I’m not sure if I miss the fonts yet, but I definitely miss the snappiness. The Windows graphics stack was pretty interesting (I’m sure it still is but I haven’t touched it since… well, I think since about Windows XP came out?). https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/direct2d/comparing-direct2d-and-gdi has a few pointers on its history.