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    Seemed too good to be true.

    I tried infer on our standard build environment but it depends on newer libs than you get on rhel/centos7. So I moved on to the docker image but it ran out of memory while building infer. So I moved on to using the prebuilt binaries in a custom docker image running ubuntu, and after getting the deps right, I can finally run infer on a trivial one-line C program. Unfortunately the thing segfaults if I try to use it on real code.

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      Would it have been that hard to use infer.fb.com?

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        You’d think a tech company could get that right. What really ticks me off is how the banking and financial industry seems to find subdomains so intolerable. It seems like every bank expects you to just implicitly trust any domain with their name in it.

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          Or at least get the certificate right.

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        I’m getting automatically redirected to the HTTPS version in Firefox but their certificate expired. I don’t have https-everywhere installed.