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    this is a good read, though it’s worth noting that the sup project is pretty much dead.

    the author, william morgan, is continuing to try and solve the same problem of “egads too much mail” through a new pair of projects: heliotrope (a personal email server), and turnsole (an ncurses heliotrope client).

    alas, the mutt adage remains true for most high-volume email recipients: “all mail clients suck.”

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      Sadly, heliotrope/turnsole also appear dead. No commits in half a year.

      I keep Ruby 1.8.7 installed just for sup. Building the xapian-full gem on Ubuntu was a real pain in the ass; I’ve copied my install of it from rvm to rbenv to chruby just because I like sup so much. It really is the best mail client I’ve ever used.