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    I personally think it’s sheer madness to create a new language with a C compiler already built into it… but I have to admit it seems to be working out decently for Zig in practice.

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      Even if Zig-the-Language never makes it big, Zig-the-Toolchain is already providing an immense amount of value.

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        Zig-the-Language is also better at using C libraries than C is.

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          It’s safer, but it’s unclear if total developer productivity is higher than in C, depending on how you measure it.

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          Seriously, it’s the cross-compile toolchain that should have existed for decades.

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          It solves a problem of getting from here to there. We have a big C world. Trying to replace it results in xkcd standards. Embracing it, however, lowers the barrier to entry. When the tooling is as good and easy to use and build as Zig’s, that barrier to entry gets low enough to give the language a fighting chance.