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    TempleOS historical osdev en.wikipedia.org

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    May Terry rest in peace. Hopefully he found the peace he could not find in his life.

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      That could easily have been me. In fact, at one point during the years I spent expecting never to get enough control over my disabilities to escape financial abuse, I had started planning what project I wanted to leave to the world (it would have been a programming language with some novel ideas).

      I’m really impressed by how much of it he got done. I very much hope that this work brought him relief, and that he’s at peace now.

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        Thank you for saying this. It’s lovely and it means something to me.

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        His story reminds me a lot of the folk artist Daniel Johnston, who I got to see preform years ago in Atlanta. Having know others close to me who’ve had to deal with serious mental illness, it’s really neat to see what these people put together and accomplished, as well as how difficult it was for them to live in this world and the world inside their heads. It’s a reminder of how dependent we are on our senses and our perception of reality.

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          It’s a reminder of how dependent we are on our senses and our perception of reality.

          Wise words

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          The feels when you notice that next to working state it says Discontinued

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            Mental problems or not, Terry wrote an operating system and a compiler. Both are more than I have ever implemented.

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              I’m always reminded of this (probably apocryphal) story: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/08/25/crazy/

              Many people with mental problems are highly intelligent.

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              I hope we all learn something from TempleOS’s innovations and inspirations (Xerox Alto, Plan 9, Lisp Machines etc). Because I sure learnt a thing or two about UI from the self-documenting hypertext HolyC JIT shell.

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                I had a VM running TempleOS just to check it out. I did find the burning bush.

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                  Terry’s was one of the more interesting interviews I did on usesthis.com.

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                    Do you have a link to it?

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                        What an interesting interview and a fascinating site! Thanks for sharing.

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                      Thanks to this HN thread for turning me on to this thing’s existence. Once I found it I could’ve sworn I was reading parodic fiction, if not for the citations.