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Alternate layout for print + fold: http://jvns.ca/strace-zine-portrait.pdf


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    Good information on strace. I found the PDF format intolerable, so you can check out all of the blog posts here! http://jvns.ca/blog/categories/strace/

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      If you like strace, you might like ltrace even more. Strace dumps system calls, while ltrace dumps all calls into shared libraries.

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        ltrace also supports display syscalls alone or in conjunction with library calls, so you may not need more than ltrace

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        strace is great and I’m always surprised by how many people aren’t aware of it, or think it’s some abstruse thing only useful to kernel developers or something. Just the other day I used strace to figure out why a command invoked from deep in the bowels of an ansible playbook was hanging (it was unexpectedly waiting on stdin).

        And I really like this kind of advocacy/education for tools that people love.

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          Another nice tool is systemtap. It used to have a bad rep and linux kernel probes weren’t available for a long time, but it is usable nowadays.

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            Isn’t that what’s being talked about in the link?

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              I mistyped. I meant systemtap. Thanks for noticing :D.

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            What is the reason for the alternating rotation of the pages? I find it a sufficient barrier that I’m not going to read the article.

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              It’s so that the back pages don’t turn out upside down when printed double-sided. It’s meant to be read printed out, not electronically.

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                Doesn’t the printer/printer software take care of that?

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                  Historicaly, zines don’t use computers: you just put this in a xerox machine. Now, they’re more computerized, but this style is older than that.

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              I love this kind of short, topic-focused zines. There is a series of them coming out soon on CS concepts called BubbleSort: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailorhg/bubblesort-computer-science-zines

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                This is super awesome!

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                  I found this version to be much more readable: