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    Otto seemed like such a bad idea to begin with. A magical tool that creates dev environments & infrastructure without configuration according to “best practices” of various ecosystems? What best practices? Defined by who? Whole lot of questions there.

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      “With this change we will be close sourcing Otto, however a tarball of the current master will be hosted from the Otto homepage.”


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        shrug I wish more abandoned projects were explicitly decommissioned. It’s annoying to receive PRs & Issues on dead projects, and very annoying to send one only to be told “this project is dead”. It’s a shame that GitHub doesn’t have some kind of way to “Archive” a repository without deleting it, since a big warning in the README doesn’t necessarily do the trick.

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          At first I was a little surprised at their actions after the decommissioning, but it makes sense. If they kept a public repo available under the Hashicorp Github team account people would continue sending in patches, issues, etc. which would get ignored. My reading of it is - “we don’t support this any more, but you can if you want to run with it”.