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Jon Purdy is the author of Why concatenative programming matters, discussed here last year.


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    Interesting pair of slides:

    "The Theory of Concatenative Combinators" Brent Kirby, 2002
    E   ::= C       Combinator
        |   [E]     Quotation
        |   E₁ E₂   Composition (E₂ ° E₁)
    [A] dup         = [A] [A]
    [A] [B] swap    = [B] [A]
    [A] drop        =
    [A] quote       = [[A]]
    [A][B] cat      = [A B]
    [A] call        = A

    { dup, swap, drop, quote, cat, call } is Turing-complete!
    Smaller basis:
    [B] [A] k       = A
    [B] [A] cake    = [[B] A] [A [B]]
    [B] [A] cons    = [[B] A]
    [B] [A] take    = [A [B]]
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      What’s the “state of the art” of concatenative programming?

      Kitten mentioned in the talk doesn’t seem active.

      Dawn I hope is still going, I look forward to reading more about it.