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We are very serious about our security and our technology; rather than run right away without proper testing and security audits, as many in this field are doing, we have decided to run a trading game before our professional audit & launch.

The game is simple: register an account, receive 50 Bitcoin in your account (not real, of course), and make the best trades you can until the end of the month. The account with the highest balance wins.

Of course, there’s a twist; this is a new platform and it is possible that there are ways we can be tricks. Full API documentation is available at https://www.bitmex.com/explorer - check our code and do your worst. If you manage to get through and can cheat and use that to win, that’s okay, and you still deserve the prize.

The only rule is - no wash trading (opening multiple accounts and trading between them). We will close any wash traded accounts and debit ill-gotten profits.

Additional XBT bounties are available for site exploits.