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    Really well written article that highlights some realities about the over application of Docker and the ignorance of older containerization technologies such as LXC in this case.

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      I remember The Good Old days when OS releases gave me something new and powerful…. I could get more stuff done.

      All these matryoshka dolls nesting nesting….. but nobody tells me why I would need such a thing.

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        At HERE we have both services and ginormous batch processing systems. Docker seems appropriate for batch processing but I have a beef with using it for services. Some of my colleagues think docker is just fine for services. I will have to send them this post to convince them otherwise….

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          Sorry for being off-topic, but did this site hijack scrolling? The speed seems slightly off and the scrubber disappears randomly.

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            OS X’s two-finger swipe to go back is broken too. Aggravating.