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Persism is a wood simple, auto discovery, auto configuration, and convention over configuration ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library for Java.

Version 1.2.0 release notes.

Added support for Views Added query ‘select *’ method to session Finalized support for Informix (Tests added) Changed query statements to make explicit forward only and read only Improve readRecord performance Added BIT column to byte property conversion


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    I balked at using an ORM for many years. I think my first attempts were with NHibernate and then Django. Having to effectively write the schema twice – once in migrations and once in record types – always felt like lost productivity. I already had integration tests that flex the schema enough to feel confident, regardless of any ORM use. When I started using Rails I finally started appreciating the ORM. I ended up with fewer bugs because my focus had to remain on the application code being compatible with the actual schema (instead of my record types, which could be lying to me). Seeing the same schema-as-truth approach in a java ORM is pretty exciting for me.

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      Oh, nice! I’ve been looking for a JVM-equivalent to Dapper; this seems to fit the bill extremely well. I’ll give it a shot literally today for some stuff I’m working on.

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        Thanks! Let me know what you think.

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        Looks interesting. It is always good to have lightweight choices to the heavyweight frameworks like hibernate.

        I find jdbi.org worth a look too.

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          Thanks. Yeah jdbi is useful.

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          Why are we still trying to do this? Like, this time it’s going to work out? Forgetting the facts of the fundamental mis-match, the bad habits of conflating relationships between objects (and tables) as ownership/properties, and partially-hydrated objects that lie about their types, everybody’s schema (and migration strategy) is a unique snowflake and one size most definitely never fits all.

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            Persism aims to be a low friction alternative to the more complex/larger ORMs that exist like JPA/hibernate etc… It’s a small jar with zero dependencies best used for utils or games. (Though I use it for “real” apps too).

            Persism will throw an exception if you have an object not completely initialized (if you select less columns that your POJO has properties).

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