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    The Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX210 has integration issues with Linux. Sometimes the wifi firmware crashes on startup, but it seems to be no more frequent than 50/50. Once it is booted, the wifi is rock solid.

    Is this “crashes, but you can just restart it somehow” or “crashes and you have to reboot the machine”? I’m also curious if you notice the same issues on suspend/resume.

    Also, how’s the trackpad?

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      Trackpad is great.

      The firmware crashes in in early kernel setup, and you have to reboot to make it work again. I never saw it crash after that early kernel setup.

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        Do you really have to reboot? Have you tried a PCIe reset of the card?

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      A laptop with replaceable keyboard, screen, connectors is a fantastic development. I hope there’ll be a keyboard with pointing stick and three mouse buttons at some point. It might be hard to do on such a thin laptop.

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          Not to mention standard commodity batteries and replaceable SoC module!

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            Yes, if you mean bring your own battery, as in just having an external XT60 connector, I think that would make a lot of sense to hobbyists that already have a stockpile of LiPo batteries – just tape a big drone battery onto the back of the screen and go for days. Not to mention all the spares you already have. I think it would have to be external (at least the way I imagine it), so not everyone would like that, but I would.

            I think the motherboard is replaceable.

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            The Reform interests me but I’m personally turned off by the low performance; it sounds like it’s so slow that you can’t actually use it as your sole machine, which kind of defeats the whole eco-friendly thing.

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              It works as my primary machine, but for dayjob work I connect over SSH to a work-provided host. I can’t really avoid having multiple laptops due to compliance concerns of my employer but YMMV. For personal projects it works great; it’s plenty powerful for the compiler hacking I do.

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                Huh. I figured that if it was creaky enough for plain GNOME to have issues then it wouldn’t work well under compiler hacking

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                  Compilers come in all shapes and sizes.

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          This is very reassuring. I’ll probably be running NixOS on the Framework laptop in a couple months :o)