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Two inauspicious trends unite to cause me to want the ability to grey out all posts by certain users while I am logged in.

The first is the removal of downvoting, and the second is the slowly increasing number of what might be termed ‘hn techbro’ users. Downvoting was not a perfect defence against these users, but it at least meant that I often didn’t have to see their noise posts clogging up the signal in a discussion, and it meant that when their posts were not irrelevant garbage I could see them.

Blocking/muting/killfiling users unfortunately applies to every post a user makes, rather than only the bad ones as decided by groups of people downvoting, so I would never see any of their good posts either; but if we cannot get downvotes back, that is a trade I am willing to accept.


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    This has come up before. I think that we will probably get down votes back sometime soon (at the rate things are going, anyways) and that should solve that problem.

    What do you mean by “hn dudebros”?

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      For example: https://lobste.rs/s/ufczsd/facebook_lets_advertisers_exclude_users/comments/dm1tpn#c_dm1tpn

      User cgag is a typical example. Blithely racist and happy to talk about it, and not even the usual veneer of being willing to change their mind if rebutted. I have also observed many more users who seem to require a new from-first-principles proof every time that eg racism or sexism or whatever are bad, or that they exist, or that we should do something to reduce them, in threads that touch on this stuff. Also a lot of ‘just keep politics out of it, man, this is about the technology’ derailing posts in reply to actual thoughtful posts about how the technology and politics are intimately intertwined.

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        Hmm, must confess I haven’t noticed any “techbro” users commenting. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky… (although I do read almost all posts so would’ve thought I’d have noticed if there were any).

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          I oppose the notion of locally banning someone on principle. It’s the internet, there will be crappy commenters around and that’s ok. Locally censoring them seems silly and ineffective for the community at large - everyone else still has to deal with them.

          Downvotes should come back soon and that will help this situation. Bury the dudebros at the bottom and they can make all the noise they want amongst themselves.

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            I’ve already had a few friends give up on lobsters, and I’m not around as often either.

            I’m not interested in associating with people who are openly supportive of racism and there’s been no visible action taken against those voices; a killfile is the last resort.

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              Wait when did this become about racism? I’m not doubting you, this is the first I’m hearing about it.

              That is definitely not acceptable. Sorry to hear this.

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              I don’t think we should all just be ok with people who only post crappy things. If someone acts like a 10 year old, they don’t get to sit at the grownup table. Ban then and don’t waste people’s time having to downvote. I don’t think bans should be given lightly, but in the case where someone just has nothing good to contribute, I don’t see why they should hang around.

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              I made a Firefox extension that hid or highlighted posts with certain keywords for a similar site, I could probably adapt it to block users on Lobste.rs, if you’d be interested.