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I personally didn’t expect to see these issues with a top level domain like IO. It’s used by many companies. Good to keep in mind when starting new projects.


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    Or just … don’t register them in the first place because they’re emblematic of everything that’s wrong with western colonialism: https://gigaom.com/2014/06/30/the-dark-side-of-io-how-the-u-k-is-making-web-domain-profits-from-a-shady-cold-war-land-deal/

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      they’re emblematic of everything that’s wrong with western colonialism

      Colonialism, you say?

      The rights for selling .io domains are held by a British company called Internet Computer Bureau (ICB) [..] The .io domains each cost £60 ($102) before taxes, or twice that if you’re outside the EU. The British government granted these rights to ICB chief Paul Kane back in the 1990s.

      Don’t you think something like “everything that’s wrong with governments deciding who gets to profit from what” would have been more accurate?

      All domain names are sold through some kind of state-enforced monopoly or cartel, which is also what enables the scourge that is domain squatting.

      What’s colonialism got to do with this, besides that the islands were colonized by a .. well, there’s that word again.

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        So what’s the problem here, that some how the internet top level .io is some god-given right to some people that were born on an island? That if you were standing around on a piece of land then that land is yours from today till the end of days and that also extends to a particular set of two-characters that somebody else who invented and implemented a network had decided would be assigned some level of relevance to said piece of land? Is it also an injustice if i somehow implemented my own domain resolution system and don’t give up ‘io’ to these islanders? Do you have a list of strings that I need to give to people so I don’t oppress them?

        The amount of desperation that people have to fall for the ‘poor-innocent-uncivilized-islanders-slash-villagers-being-oppressed-by-evil-white-people’ narrative continues to boggle to mind.

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          how fucking stupid or wilfully racist do you have to be to not see that ‘poor-innocent-uncivilized-islanders-slash-villagers-being-oppressed-by-evil-white-people’ is quite literally the exact thing that happened here?

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        What country handles .io? Or is it a sui generis domain?

        Edit “British Indian Ocean Territory” - but I guess the actual technical details are outsourced.

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          nic.io is the registry service:

          Internet Computer Bureau Ltd
          40 Bank Street
          Level 29
          London, England
          E14 5DS
          United Kingdom

          ICB’s website is www.icb.co.uk (site is currently down intermittently)